Job Descriptions: Tools to Help You Write With Ease

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Alright, so you have a new job opportunity opening up within your company. You know what kind of talent you are looking for and have an inclination on how you want to write it all out. You’ve done a bit of research and read a few articles; but you’re still a bit unsure on how to get started.

Like the majority of content out on the internet, how you present it matters. In regards to writing an effective job description, words are everything. How you phrase it, big check. What information you decide to disclose, even bigger! Down to whether you are even formatting it effectively.

Each of these components can make or break the successful attraction of the right talent. Yikes! Talk about pressure! Feeling stressed yet? It’s okay! We’ve all been there and done the dance a few or more times around. When you find yourself in times of trouble, take a brief pause because you won't need to pray for a solution. There are a handful of tools out there designed to unburden the load from your shoulders.

Now, take another deep breath. You’re more than likely feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thinking, let's start brewing that 3rd pot of coffee! Let the research initiative begin! Well you're in luck! You've come across the right blog, because that won’t be necessary. I won’t judge if you brewed more coffee though.

I took the liberty of throwing a bone out there to make this process even easier! I stretched, got comfortable, trusty vanilla sweet cold brew in hand, and got down to business! Compiling a collection and review of both free and paid tools that you and your company can use! Tools to assist you in making writing more delightful! Helping those job opportunities spring to life and catch the eyes from the right talent!

Let's start with the free! Whose doesn’t like to save a bit of money! To get the ball rolling we will start with my favorite freebie!


Hemingway Editor

I am sure Hemingway himself would be impressed with how helpful this tool is! I am going to be honest with you guys, this tool is so great that i'm using it right now to write this blog! Experienced writer or not, everyone's writing could use a little review.

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If you have access to the internet, you are able to use this tool for free. Now, if you are someone on the go and you don't have internet, they have you covered. There is a desktop version for download for the small fee of $19.99! A price you can't beat!

It's primary goal is to make your writing crisp, clean and bold. Highlighting problem areas in your writing using five different colors. Each color represents a different component. Letting you know if your sentences are too wordy. Warnings of heavy adverb and passive voice usage. Suggestions for simpler word alternatives. Also rating how hard it is to read or understand certain sentences.

Hemingway can be used for multiple text formatting needs as well. From headlines, italics, and even bulleted lists. Your work will get a readability grade. Letting you know how advanced your writing is by education level. The editor can also give you a word count breakdown. Including letters, characters, sentences, and paragraph count. Even the projected reading time for the piece!


Now i know everyone prefers to use something that will help cut costs, but everything can't be free. It costs money to run something great and ultimately you get what you pay for.

Textio is one of those companies that provides a service of quality. Providing a well developed platform for you to write your job descriptions. Curious as to what the driving force behind the platform is?

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Well they utilize augmented writing to unlock language! Augmented writing is your chance to a get sense of your writings end result before you even put it out there! They get their data all based on the succession and downfail of past real-world outcomes.

In other words, they understand the importance of language! Pulling information from over a million job postings and recruiting emails. Cultivating data by comparing them to the aftermath. Giving you informative guidance. Telling you right off the bat whether or not your content works. It's writing supported by the data and all in real time!


But Wait! There's More!

Now, I could go on for quite awhile with all the information that i've gathered. Unfortunately, that would make for an extremely long and exhausting blog. To simplify things, I put all the information together in an easy to download ebook. That way you can take the information with you on the go.

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