Information Technology

Alltech Consulting Services is an industry-leading boutique IT services and consulting firm. Founded in 1998, Alltech has a proven history of successfully matching skilled professionals with leading global Fortune 100 companies. As a team, we aim to bring insights, passion and innovation to the recruiting process, offering an exceptional experience for our clients and candidates. When you work with Alltech, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our Services

When you hire one of our consultants to fill a resource need, you can count on us to secure quality, top-notch candidates. It's an extremely aggressive market out there for top IT talent, and we've tested and refined a proven method...



As a boutique IT services and consulting firm, Alltech offers clients a strong level of expertise and an unprecedented level of recruiting. We are a trusted recruiting partner to many emerging growth companies, as well as well-known Fortune 100 companies....



We take a comprehensive approach to connecting employers with the most qualified candidates. Our recruiting process begins with an in-depth understanding of your company, its operations, management style and culture. Our team then conducts a thorough search using years of trusted relationships, a proprietary database and the latest technologies. Here are a few qualities that make us exceptional as an IT staffing firm:

  • Professionals that exhibit enthusiasm, readiness and viability.
  • Knowledge on the latest technology trends for engaging talent.
  • A belief in onsite, offsite, and offshore sourcing that is essential to long-term results.
  • Passionate and experienced software professionals with very specific skillsets and competencies.
  • Hands-on experience in the IT services and consulting industry.