Alltech develops custom cloud solutions that deliver significant performance benefits and cost savings over traditional, hardware-intensive, on-premise technologies.

Our cloud solutions offer:

Flexibility & Scalability - You only pay for the infrastructure you need. If at any time you need to scale up or down, Alltech makes it easy with lower and more transparent costs.

Low Maintenance - Let Alltech worry about tasks like patching and maintenance, while you experience uninterrupted service through a robust infrastructure with multi-layered security. Your applications will be running over data centers with the best reliability, staying on top of upgrades and ahead of threats.

Speed & Agility - You can remove bottlenecks and fuel your company’s growth with sophisticated cloud solutions that are accessible anywhere with an Internet connection, 24X7.


Alltech implements services in the following areas:


Managed IT

- Cloud migration and implementation

- Cloud roadmap planning

- Server automation and enhancement

- Virtual data center administration

- Platform maintenance and support


Cloud Applications

- Custom cloud application development and support

- Application migration


Disaster Recovery

- DR planning: cloud to cloud, on premise to cloud

- DR implementation and testing

- DR maintenance and support