Lead Developer/Engineer - Fixed income

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Lead Developer/Engineer - Fixed income

New York, New York

Charlotte, North Carolina

New Jersey

September 12th 2019



Role Breakdown

  • 10% to 15% tops coding efforts.

  • Must be able to do code reviews.

  • Able to R&D, and conduct proof of concepts on new technologies.

  • 40% architecture, design and strategy work.

  • Rest is management work.

Platform is D2C (Dealer to Client) or B2C (Business to Client). Highlights are:

  • Offering/Quotation to stream prices to clients and trading venues.

  • RFQ (Request for Quote) to handle trades from clients and venues and flexible state management of RFQs from multiple sources.

  • Auto Responder module to respond to quotes using algorithmic strategies to avoid manual trading interaction.

  • Auto Responder Container to encapsulate and leverage the module into multiple trading asset classes.

  • Trading Risk Control for D2C flow.

  • Building Trading UI to internal traders in JavaScript/Angular/HTML5. .NET/C# knowledge is also an added plus.

  • Configuration management, Build and Deployment of the D2C platform.

  • Start of Day resiliency program for the D2C platform as part of Safety & Soundness.

  • Build integration points of D2C platform with ECN gateways, Market Data, Reference Data, Static Data, Pricing & Risk, STP, Time Series Data warehouse, AI/Machine Learning, and D2D flows.

  • Leverage the D2C Fixed Income platform into the FX eTrading space.



  • Must have experience in Fixed Trading eTrading.

  • Manage a team of Fixed Income developers with a mixture of onshore and offshore resources

  • Must have management experience.

  • Must have domain expertise in Fixed Income products

  • Work closely with the traders and product managers to architect, design and implement eTrading platform.


Desired Skills:

  • Requires good skills in JAVA and JavaScript programming languages. C++ is an additional plus.

  • Huge plus if knowledgeable about software and infrastructure low latency technology constructs.

  • Automated regression testing capabilities is a huge plus too.

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Job ID: A2519