Storage Engineer

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Storage Engineer

Phoenix ,Arizona

August 5th 2019




  • Develops and delivers innovative solutions for a dedicated customer using company products.

  • Defines customer needs and develops a plan and proposal for delivery of the project. Collaborates across multiple internal teams to ensure successful delivery of results based on scope of work.

  • Determines client organization's software, hardware and/or network system requirements and delivers advice on how to acquire technology solutions that are aligned with their business strategy and processes.

  • The resident role is based partially or whole on at the clients site and could be at the direction of the client.

Activities may include:

  • Assist with Hitachi NAS (HNAS) Implementation

  • Assist with design and data migration from NetApp to HNAS platform

  • Provide documentation and run books of processes used in performing activities

  • Perform storage allocation for new and existing systems and clusters

  • Provide technical leadership and coordination for change management tickets and migration plans

  • Plan and coordinate migrations for technology refreshes and new installs on HDS storage

  • Plan and coordinate reclamation of unused LUNS

  • Request fiber cabling for systems to connect to the SAN switches

  • Assist with configuring and reconfiguring enterprise arrays with Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (“HDP”)

  • Assist with Oracle 11g RAC and ASM storage and systems set-ups



Resource Skill Sets may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Working knowledge with Hitachi Enterprise (G1000 and G1500), Unified (G800 and NAS) arrays

  • Working knowledge of Hitachi storage management products: Hitachi Command Suite, Hitachi Storage Navigator, Hitachi Tuning Manager, NAS Manager, and Hitachi Dynamic Tiering

  • Experience with Brocade director class switches

  • Experience with Hitachi Content Platforms (beneficial)

  • Experience with Hitachi NAS (HNAS)

  • Business Continuity Services with Skills in HDP, TrueCopy, ShadowImage

  • Data Migration Skills with HDS and NetApp arrays

  • HDS Storage Layout Skills

  • HDS Tiered Storage Manager Skills

  • Experience with scripting for automation

  • Experience in working in large financial environment

  • Experience in writing documentation and run

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Job ID: A2460