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New York, New York

July 18th 2019



Job Title: The Scrum Master

The position requires someone who promotes and supports the agile process within and outside the squad.

This includes:

  • Work with organizational resources outside the squad to help them interact effectively with the squad, remove impediments and protect them from organizational bureaucracy

  • The Scrum Master coaches the Agile squad and the product owner on the Agile process, such as writing useful user stories and managing the backlog

  • They foster a collaborative culture and ensure the squad regularly celebrates success

  • The scrum master acts as a servant leader to the squad, they are not the boss

  • For a newly formed squad the scrum master role may be a full time activity. As the squad matures the scrum master can start to contribute some time to squad deliveries

  • Manage blockers, obstacles and dependencies

  • Bring together stakeholders for alignment meeting

  • Organize training

  • Report on squad improvements

  • Facilitate retrospective to improve squad dynamics

  • Facilitate creation and maintenance of squad artefacts such as backlog, definitions and norms etc.

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Job ID: A2436