Java Developer

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Java Developer

New York, New York

July 17th 2019



The Market Risk Exposures team is responsible for loading and transforming data for various Market Risk calculation and processing streams.

We load over billion risk data rows daily


We transform and enrich the data with business processing rules.

Candidates must show:

  • Expertise with core Java.

  • Proficiency with collection classes: Maps, Sets, Lists Strong in SQL:

  • ability to join an summarize data

  • Familiarity with linux and shell scripting


We also prefer candidates to have any of the following experience Big data:

  • i.e. working with data > million rows

  • Databases: Greenplum, DB2, Postgres

  • Any Rule Engine experience: ( i.e. JRules / Drools )

  • Distributed architecture: Apache spark Financial IT

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Job ID: A2435