Resident Engineer -Technical Consultant

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Resident Engineer -Technical Consultant

Weehawken, New Jersey

June 21st 2019



The role is responsible for performing Global Delivery Services as Resident Engineer for one specific Hitachi Vantara customer at their premise to cover the tasks as defined in a Statement of Work. The role performs the assigned tasks, whilst building a customer's confidence in Hitachi Vantara’s service delivery capability.

The role is responsible for a smooth transition from implementation to operations and for the daily management of the environment. The Technical Consultant is an experienced professional, with a full understanding of practice specialization. They exercise independent judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.


  • Perform innovative Delivery Services for one specific Hitachi Vantara customer at their premise, as defined by the manager

  • Work together with the customer’s team to provide them support for the daily operation of their environment and coach them on the best practices

  • Represent Hitachi Vantara on the internal sessions and meeting organized by the Customer and provide them support for their key decisions.

  • Be as the customer advocate on the Hitachi Vanatara products.

  • Provide status information to the Resource Manager task status and completion estimates, making strong strategic decisions, based on the most relevant factors available that drive effectiveness and value to the bottom line.

  • Provide deliverables and dynamic presentations defined in the Statement of Work.

  • Participate in strategic project review sessions to share materials or lessons-learned.

  • Identify opportunities to gain additional skills through working collaboratively with other members of the team, demonstrating an accountability for keeping own performance on track and ensuring that your skills remain at the forefront of your subject matter expertise

  • Create detailed technical designs from high level solution designs, based on the strategic analysis of the customer’s environment and requirements.

  • Provide guidance to local teams or 3rd party partners to implement the technical solution.

  • Provide technical subject matter expertise to troubleshoot implementation, operational, connectivity and network issues, providing rational business cases and arguments to persuade upwardly and with peers.



  • Broad technical consultancy and service delivery experience.

  • Extensive experience within Hitachi technologies or a similar competitor or organisation.

  • Establishing personal impact: Projecting personal confidence, expertise and passion when interacting with customers, vendors and employees at all levels in the organisation.

  • Proactive Delivery: Demonstrate accountability by keeping performance on track. Must be a problem solver who is able to work independently; organized and strong attention to detail.

  • Rational persuasion: Providing rational business cases and arguments to persuade upwardly and with peers.

  • Team working: Building mutual support and understanding with colleagues.

  • Aligning self: Autonomously aligning personal contribution to the goals and priorities of the team and business.

  • High quality decision making: Making strong judgments based on the most relevant factors available that drive effectiveness and value to the bottom line.

  • Making Improvements: Simplifying, improving and supporting innovation in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness and customer success.

  • Owning your own Development: Develop skills and work proactively with your manager to attend prescribed training, as defined in the training schedule, demonstrating strong commitment to personal learning and development.

  • A willingness to work a flexible schedule and willingness to travel.

  • Must be an excellent communicator. Must have excellent skills with English and Turkish and be able to explain complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner.

  • Compliance with time and expense reporting guidelines.

  • Willingness of Project Managers, Engagement Managers and Sales personnel to include the consultant in future projects.

  • Usage of published Delivery Service Office methods, tools, and systems.

  • Billable and Utilisation percentage as a function of time-reporting.

  • Stakeholder Management skills; Clearly and effectively communicates with customers and ensures that customers understand and have visibility of activities and deliverables as required, demonstrating company values in all customer interactions.

  • Escalation Management; knows when to escalate, to defer and enable decision making and action.

  • Reliability; acts an ambassador of Hitachi both on customer sites and within Global Delivery.

  • Point of reference for HCP and HCI development practices and API assistance.

  • Data Centre and workplace access qualification and registration.

  • System access request and preparation.

  • Process and procedure integration.

  • Reporting, Monitoring, Alerting and Billing Tooling preparation and testing.

  • Email archiving configuration.

  • Security assessment.

  • Integration of infrastructure logs to UBS security platform.

  • Capacity Plan creation and management.

  • Availability Plan creation and management.

  • HCI – workflow creation and management, index creation and management.

  • HCP – tenant creation and management, namespace creation and management.

  • UCP, ADC, Brocade Ethernet switch and HCP Infrastructure understanding.

  • Infrastructure asset (Hardware and Software) inventory and CMDB creation.

  • Implementation of Supplier best practice storage management (device and user management).

  • Participation on UBS Change Control Board as storage advisors.

  • Technical escalation point in relation to delivery of the Services.

  • Continual Service Improvement Plan creation and management.

  • Scheduler interface and data replication preparation.

  • Documentation Management throughout the term.

  • The documentation includes:

    • Processes and procedures pertinent to Service Management (Process Run Books)

    • Design documents

    • Scripts

    • Infrastructure configurations

    • Change management documents

    • Provisioning requests

    • Incident and problem reports.

    • Regular reports and meeting notes. (Including Service Improvement Plans).

    • Infrastructure audits, configuration and data path compatibility checks.


  • Degree or equivalent education or experience.

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Job ID: A2388