Java Developer

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Java Developer

Montreal, QC, Canada

June 11th 2019



Job Summary:

The mission of the Global Technology division is to provide a highly reliable and commercial technology platform, which supports the Firm’s strategy, delivered by an innovative, world-class team of professionals.

There are ten divisions within Technology; Corporate & Funding Technology (CFT) is responsible for the technology behind many critical functions across Morgan Stanley, including Finance, Risk, Operations, Legal & Compliance, Digital Communications and Human Resources.

We are looking for a software developer to join the tax teams within the Core services department.

  • Our mission is to meet regulatory requirements and to provide MS clients with high-quality services.

  • The Tax domain is broad, among the features covered: withholding and reporting to clients and agencies.

  • The candidate will join one of the Tax squads; Scrum and Kanban are the methodologies used for product development.

  • There is room for self-initiatives and we always strive for continuous improvement.

  • To deliver business value, to build high quality products and to streamline our delivery pipeline are definitively part of the duties.

  • The Tax teams are at the forefront of Agile and DevOps transformations and we want the software developer to embrace the transformation with his teammates.

Job Requirements:

  • The Scrum team as a whole is responsible to deliver the committed delivery in time and with the defined quality.

  • A good result or a failure is never attributed to a single team member but always the result of the Scrum team.

  • The team agrees on the definition of done.

  • As any Scrum team member focusing on doing and delivering value: responsible for planning, design, development, testing, and project delivery following our standards.

  • It means that the new joiner will work on all aspects of the development lifecycle and will interact directly with our Ops partners and all stakeholders.



  • Versatilist (t-shaped).

  • Strong interest in the financial/tax domain.

  • Communication Skills.

  • Collaboration and teamwork/teambuilding.

  • Value oriented.

  • Dealing with change/flexibility.

  • Problem solving/analytical skills.

  • Technical skills as an asset: Java/J2EE/SQL technologies.


  • Financial background.

  • XP practices such as pair programming, DDD, TDD/BDD, continuous integration or feature toggles.

  • Devops tooling (Liquibase, TeamCity, Git, Zookeeper).

  • Other technologies such as Angular js.

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Job ID: A2377