Vendor Risk Management Analyst

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Vendor Risk Management Analyst

Jacksonville, Florida

May 9th 2019




Vendor Risk Management – Intra-Group Outsourcing.

This role is a Vendor Risk Management position of functions outsourced by Market Operations to the different nearshore offshore locations of Deutsche Bank. This role primarily acts a key support to the different operation teams on the risk assessment of their outsourcing. This is to order to ensure adherence to control requirements depending on the risk level. Attention to detail, effective time management, and strong risk mindset will be critical to the success in this role.


  • Provide F2B support on the vendor risk management lifecycle.

  • Additional responsibilities include facilitating discussions

Critical Systems:

  • Risk Vision Tool

Key Clients & Partners:

  • Operations Teams

  • Global Vendor Governance – Intra-Group outsourcing team, contracts and Service Delivery Management.

  • Compliance

  • Data Protection

  • Tax and Living Wills


Month 1 - Undergo training – Market Ops business, VRM and contracts.Obtain accesses on all relevant tools, sharepoint and/or sharedrive

Month 2 - Assist Global Vendor Governance on preparation of mapping files. Assist on contract requirements. Assist the different operations team on VRM activities identified to be critical for closure OR can be plugged in with the comment that consolidation project is underway (example, dbContracts certification)

Month 3 – 12 - Assist on onboarding the VRMs in the tool. Assist on collating information and answers from all SPOCs identified.

Assist on creating regular MIs for senior management briefings.

Core Daily Functions:

  • Facilitation

    • Assist and coordinate vendor risk management transactions.

    • Validate responses on risk assessments including reconciliation of old vs new responses on the tool.

    • Coordinate approvals with second line – compliance, data protection, etc

    • Gather information for relevant MI decks.

  • Ad Hoc Functions

    • Create ad hoc MI Reports depending on the need from senior management.

    • Facilitate calls with second line especially on those which are delayed in closure or sign off.



Ideal candidate would have,

  • A strong stakeholder and project management background

  • It is key that the candidate is able to navigate himself in the organization in order to ensure successful delivery of the tasks at hand.

  • The role would be very dynamic and would require a lot of coordination with different stakeholders in the Bank so the candidate should be comfortable and successful in multi-tasking and is quick to judge on tasks to prioritize based on the outlook of the critical path on a project plan.

  • Candidate should also be amenable on flexible work shifts since this role requires discussions with Market Operations teams globally.


Desired Skills:

  • Having a finance background would help but not required.

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