Senior Application Packaging Standards Engineer

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Senior Application Packaging Standards Engineer

Cary, North Carolina

April 3rd 2019



Job Description:

The Application Packaging Standards Engineer is responsible for maintaining the standards that desktop application developers, desktop engineers, and packagers must adhere to for their applications to be deployed into the bank’s production environment and for the resolution of queries and issues related to those standards that arise from packaging and testing applications. The Packaging Standards Engineer evaluates and approves the structure of application packages as they move through the SDLC DEV and UAT testing environments, and informs packagers regarding any unapproved deviations from standards.

The position forms an integral part of Desktop Package Engineering team;

  • Collecting and understanding requirements.

  • Agreeing and documenting packaging standards.

  • Overseeing and managing any required changes to those standards.

  • Providing guidance and support to packagers, developers and third-parties on adherence to the agreed bank standards.

  • Providing 3rd-line support and escalation of technical and process issues arising from production use of the standards.

Typical Tasks:

  • Consulting with application owners and developers on correct use of packaging standards and solutions to related issues arising.

  • Triaging and managing the resolution, including vendor escalation, of 3rd-line support issues arising from use of the standards and surrounding tools.

  • Agreeing and documenting packaging standards and reviewing their use and required enhancements.

  • Writing, testing, maintaining and documenting packaging scripts of all kinds.

  • Engineering, testing, upgrading, maintaining and documenting all related packaging tools.

  • Approval and migration of application packages between DEV and UAT SDLC environments.


Technical Skills (Essential):

  • In-depth, hands-on understanding and experience with MSI and App-V 5 sequencing/streaming technologies across both W7 and W10 platforms

  • Significant experience in the design and implementation of pre-/post-installation, installation, uninstall, upgrade and patch packaging and scripting in an enterprise-scale environment with heavily controlled end-user profiles (GPO, privilege management, etc.)

  • Experience in creating complex Transforms for already MSI packaged applications and complex conditional MSI Feature design methods.

  • Experience with Flexera AdminStudio, InstallShield, etc.

  • Advanced VBScript and PowerShell scripting skills.

  • Experience in the design, creation, distribution, education, and related governance of application packaging standards.

  • Experience of packaging associated third party tools such as: Component Checker, Process Explorer, Process Monitor, Orca, MSI Diff, etc.

General Skills:

  • Building on a strong technical knowledge and experience base in the above areas candidates must be highly articulate and persuasive communicators, with strong collaboration and teamwork skills and a proven ability to manage the delivery of innovative solutions to a large, geographically diverse global enterprise.

Education & Qualifications:

  • Educated to Bachelor’s or Master’s degree level in Computer Science, or a related discipline, from an accredited college or university.

  • Relevant industry certifications (MCSE, etc.) useful.


  • Minimum of 5 years senior engineer/developer level experience with Windows and related platform APIs and application standards in an enterprise scale environment.


Technical Skills (Beneficial):

Familiarity and experience with any of the following technologies;

  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

  • Experience of the above essential skills in highly virtualized desktop environments (VDI and published desktop).

  • General scripting and development experience in related languages and technologies applied in an application analysis, packaging or distribution context.

  • Direct experience of design, implementation of source code repository and management systems including related workflows and scripting.

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Job ID: A2304