Senior Java Developer

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Senior Java Developer

Montreal, Québec, Canada

March 7th 2019



The Firm-wide model control system is the cornerstone of the Firm’s model risk management, used by front-office, control and oversight functions. With increased regulatory attention to model risk management, the system was largely re-written last year, using the latest technologies. This is a high-profile system, with visibility at the highest levels of the Firm. While a lot of work has been completed, a number of related systems still need to be redesigned and connected. We are also planning to continue extending the core system.

We are looking for an experienced, hands-on senior Java developer to work in a team of 8-10 people. Members of our team have access to the business unit and have direct input into software design. Therefore the candidate needs to be a self-starter, smart, and a highly motivated team player with clear communication skills.

In addition, the candidate must value producing quality software and have a solid grounding in computer science fundamentals.

As one of the leaders, the new hire would be expected to oversee and mentor a group of more junior developers, to develop a partner relationship with the business, to provide significant input into the architectural direction of the project as well as write code.

We would prefer someone who can assume responsibility for a number of subcomponents as well as lead, oversee and mentor other developers working in these areas. The right candidate should enjoy working in a highly collaborative environment that values teamwork and offers a lot of flexibility as long as productivity and quality is there.



  • Very strong analytical and problem solving abilities.

  • Very strong knowledge of software design principles: MVC, data structures, graph data, algorithms, design patterns, multithreading, caching, recursion.

  • Strong knowledge of core Java: class loading, garbage collection, Java collections API, Reflections API, Java 8 Streams and Functional Programming.

  • Strong knowledge of Object Relation Mapping technologies: JPA/Hibernate.

  • Strong knowledge of common Java frameworks (Spring, JSR-303, Logback, Junit, Apache Commons).

  • Strong Knowledge of Relational Databases and SQL.


  • Strong knowledge of BDD (behavior-driven development) with jBehave.

  • Experience with TDD (test driven development).

  • Strong knowledge of GIT source code management.

  • Knowledge of Gradle, Jenkins automated build processes.

  • Strong knowledge of Representation state transfer (RESTful Web services).

  • Strong knowledge of enterprise Java: JAX-RS, JTA, Jetty/Tomcat- Knowledge of HTTP, XML, JSON.

  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux.

  • Knowledge of Liquibase database schema management.

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Job ID: A2294