Information Security Analyst III

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Information Security Analyst III

Santa Clara, California

December 19th 2018



  • Perform system vulnerability assessment scanning

  • Create repeatable processes and institute regularly schedule automated security assessments of hardware product offerings and SAAS products.

  • Ability to manually validate scan results to remove false positives, redundant, or duplicate data as well as to test for additional classes of vulnerabilities scanners can’t report is a plus

  • Provide timely and detailed reports, with proofs of findings, analysis of risk, remediation advice and instructions.

  • Meet with application, engineering, server and network teams to discuss vulnerability remediation. The technical ability to review source code and provide examples of how to fix vulnerabilities, and/or to give clear instructions including commands to app teams managing servers or helpdesk staff is preferred

  • Utilize a ticketing system to report standard vulnerabilities and work with teams to ensure they are resolved

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Job ID: A2243