Java APIGEE Developer

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Java APIGEE Developer

Weehawken, New Jersey

December 24th 2018



We are looking for highly skilled technologists proficient in Java/JVM technologies.The team is focused on building the next generation PaaS (cloud) friendly, microservices framework. The framework minimizes boilerplate configuration, is environment-sensitive, bakes in best practices with-in and provides out of the box integrations with the firm's resources, making it very convenient for application developers to build services. The framework will integrate with API gateways both custom and 3rd party (like apigee), also with OpenAPI/Swagger for documentation and for code generation.


You should have a passion for technology and an interest in challenging themselves.


  • Strong server-side Java

  • Good understanding of data-structures, algorithms

  • Expertise in multi-threaded programming

  • Experience with Apigee, Swagger, OpenAPI.

  • Knowledge of REST/JAX-RS, HTTP


Any specific interest in and experience of Java technologies used in server side-applications. For example: networking, Google Protocol Buffers, XML, SOAP, databases, multi-threading,common Java Open-Source libraries like Spring, CXF, JMH, any low-latency experience.

  • Experience with ZooKeeper, Curator; PaaS implementations like Cloud-Foundry, etc

  • 3+ years working with data in JSON format and/or NoSQL databases. MongoDB preferred.

  • Experience with the Developer Portal (Drupal), JS, CSS, & PHP.

  • Experience with a data integration or API management platform such as Mulesoft, Dell Boomi or Apigee.

  • Experience with distributed caching solutions such as Gemfire or Hazelcast.

  • Experience and knowledge wider than Java helps debugging, integration and with non-pure-Java tasks: Linux, C++, dynamic languages, JVM languages like Scala,RDBMS, KDB, nosql.

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Job ID: A2205