IT Security Architect

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IT Security Architect

New York, New York

October 22nd 2019



The Security Architecture (SecArch) team is part of the Technology Infrastructure Risk (TIR) organization. The mission of the SecArch team is to provide security architecture assessments of technology systems and processes to identify business risks and recommend remedial action based on established security standards or security best practices.

The SecArch Generalist is an internal consultant that is working on multiple security architecture and design assessments spanning multiple classes of technologies. It is an opportunity to get involved in multiple business units and technologies inherent to the mission of SecArch.

The Integrator works with team members (Technology, Business, Suppliers, Stakeholders and Partners) globally to perform SecArch assessments. To be successful as an Integrator the candidate must have broad technology experience coupled, risk management, communication, and time management skills.

A SecArch Generalist has the following responsibilities:

  • Lead SecArch deep dives with the requestor of the assessment

  • Prioritize risks identified in relation to business risks

  • Conduct assessment and provide technology risk/requirements to the requestor.
    Areas covered:

    • Authentication, Authorization, Auditing

    • Application Security Session Security, Vulnerability/Pen Testing items, Input Validation

    • Secure data transport and storage

  • Periodically review security reference architecture (security blueprints) and conduct updates/enhancements

  • Participate in various Operational and Technology Risk governance processes

  • Assist in identifying new areas and opportunities of technology investment for the firm



Skills and Experience/Soft Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills: written, oral, presentation, listening

  • Ability to influence through factual reasoning

  • Time management: ability to handle multiple concurrent assessments, plan based deliverable management, strong follow up and tracking

  • Strong focus on delivery when presented with short timelines and increased involvement from senior management

  • Ability to adjust communication of technology risks vs business risks based on the audience

Security Architecture Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of application, network and platform security vulnerabilities. Ability to explain these vulnerabilities to developers

  • Experience in conducting Information Security, IT Security, Audit assessments. Presenting the outcomes of the assessment and obtaining buy-in.

  • Strong focus on reviewing technical designs and functional requirements to identify areas of Security weakness.

  • The candidate must have working experience in the following application/network security domains

    • Authentication: SAML, SiteMinder, Kerberos, OpenId

    • Entitlements and identity management

    • Data protection, data leakage prevention and secure data transfer and storage

    • App Security - validation checking, software attack methodologies

    • Cryptography encryption and hashing

  • Knowledge of standard network model and the risks that present at each layer, the functions of network equipment such as switches, routers, firewalls, proxies, VPN, and load-balancers, and to understand network architecture.

Burp Development Experience

  • Even though the SecArch Integrator role is not a development role, the candidate must have previous background in programming, design and application architecture.


Desired Skills:

  • The candidate must have a working knowledge of the primary operating systems (Unix, Windows, z/OS, Mac OS), the configuration and management of that platform at an enterprise scale, the security risks to that platform, and how to mitigate those risks.

  • Experience in testing tools, at least one of Veracode, Fortify, OunceLabs, AppScan, WebInspect

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