Technical Talent Sourcing Specialist

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Technical Talent Sourcing Specialist

Princeton, NJ

November 5th 2018



An excellent opportunity for anyone who is looking to build a career that revolves around making a positive impact and helping others find their perfect fit opportunities!

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Connect and establish a positive professional relationship with active and passive candidates. Reaching out in order to learn more about them, their needs, and career goals. Allowing you to match them to a perfect fit contract and or full-time opportunity with one of our clients.

  • Build rapport with candidates through a multitude of channels. Including but not limited to; phone, email, and social networking platforms.

  • Proactively and positively engage with candidates in order to effectively match and or network with referrals that candidates may share with you.

  • Actively challenge yourself with developing new or innovative ways to better improve your talent sourcing and recruiting strategies.


  • Intellectual curiosity and willingness to take on challenges in order to solve problems and or develop conflict resolutions.

  • An individual who has the hunger and drive to succeed and finds value in helping others find that same success in their job search and throughout the hiring process.

  • Someone strongly in tune with their confidence when engaging with people in order to effectively build professional relationships with candidates over the phone. 

  • An upbeat, driven, optimistic, and thick-skin personality that can handle making high volumes of calls where you will encounter some rejections.

  • A tech savvy mind that is also independent and ambitious. Holding an interest in teaching themselves on how to use new programs and or develop new skills to better aid them as they grow and develop within the position. 

  • The ability to effectively navigate programs and social channels such as Microsoft, Google Suite, Linkedin and Facebook. 

  • Ability to understand and learn the business processes and also able to come up with good ideas that can be helpful for the continued success of our business.

  • No past experience required, just an open mind ready to take on a challenge and learn.


  • Opportunity for growth; professionally and financially.

  • For fast learners with the ability to deliver results, there is the option to explore different roles within the company.

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Job ID: A2253