In today’s dynamic business environment, an organization’s ability to adapt and manage change through innovation is key to success. Traditional processes may no longer be the most competitive way to achieve goals and remain profitable. Skilled business analysts are trained to implement technology solutions that streamline operations and improve efficiencies.  

At Alltech, we screen business analyst candidates for a few key competencies that we believe are critical to success in the role. Initially, we filter applicants by qualifications, looking for strong communication skills and IT experience. We also look for candidates that can collaborate with stakeholders and manage the implementation of key business projects.

Other preferred qualifications include the familiarity of capital and business intelligence tools. Candidates must be able to take a large volume of information, analyze it to understand priorities and filter out irrelevant noise. Ideal business analyst candidates have in-depth experience gathering requirements and translating those requirements into technical specifications and solutions.

Business Analysis Services Include:

  • Requirements discovery

  • User story mapping

  • Business process improvement

  • Opportunity analysis

  • Middleware business services

  • Database technologies

  • ETL

  • Data warehousing

  • Business intelligence

  • Cloud solutions